This section contains biographical information about the Direct Dimensions' Team. To learn about any of our great team members, click on their name below.






Michael Raphael CEO
Charlie Matlin Director of Sales
Peter Kennedy Operations Manager
Sara Ebright Business Manager
Harry Abramson Art Sales
Elaine Scott Administrative Assistant


John Kelbel Lead Engineer
Michael Lent Lead Engineer
Greg Chaprnka Lead Engineer


Glenn Woodburn Lead Digital Modeler
Jessica Brodsky Digital Modeler
Matt Haga Digital Modeler
Joe Nicoli Heritage Scanning Specialist

Research and Development

Mike Agronin Director of R&D
Dominic Albanese Manager of R&D

Michael Raphael
Michael Raphael - CEO
Michael earned a BS degree in Engineering Science and Mechanics from Virginia Tech, followed by a Masters of Engineering Administration from George Washington University. During his 10 years at Lockheed Martin as an engineer responsible for solving aerostructures manufacturing quality problems, Michael co-developed the FaroArm portable CMM and became the first user on the planet! In 1995, he founded Direct Dimensions, Inc., now in its 15th year of providing rapid solutions to 3D problems!
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Charlie Matlin
Charlie Matlin - Director of Sales
Charlie has had a long career in Sales and Business Development in the Los Angeles and New York metropolitan areas. Charlie joined DDI in 2004 to combine his professional sales background with his passion for 3D technology.
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Peter Kennedy
Peter Kennedy - Operations Manager
Peter received his BS in Art with an Industrial Design concentration from Towson University. He has been with DDI since 2004. Currently he manages the Digital Modeling group at DDI. Peter specializes in the use of laser scanning hardware and point cloud processing software. He also provides training and support services to our customers.
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Sara Ebright
Sara Ebright - Business Manager
Sara graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Boston University. She received her Master of Music from Peabody at Hopkins in 2005. Sara handles adminstrative and marketing functions and helps coordinate efforts between DDI's Sales and Production teams.
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Harry Abramson
Harry Abramson - Art Sales
Harry graduated from James Madison University with a BS in Economics. With a background in business operations and sales and marketing he has a proven track record assisting multiple successful start-up companies. In 2004 Harry joined Direct Dimensions to develop new lines of business to take advantage of the expanding market for 3D imaging technology and services. Harry has a passion for music, skiing, and of course - his wife and kids.
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Elaine Scott
Elaine Scott - Administrative Assistant
Elaine comes to Direct Dimensions with 22 years of experience in sales and office support. She joined DDI in 2008 where she specializes in supporting the sales team. The two loves in Elaine’s life are her children.
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John Kelbel
John Kelbel - Lead Engineer
With over 15 years of professional experience, John graduated from Capital College with a BS in Electronics Engineering. Now in his 9th year at DDI, John maintains expertise in measurement and reverse engineering as well as math algorithms for processing point clouds. And he's an avid climber as shown to the left!
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Michael Lent
Michael Lent - Lead Engineer
Mike Lent joined DDI in 2004 after graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. Mike provides measurement engineering and design services.
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Greg Chaprnka
Greg Chaprnka - Lead Engineer
Greg was an intern at DDI for 2 years and joined full-time after graduating from UMBC in the Spring of 2007 with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. Greg works with reverse engineering and digital modeling applications.
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Glenn Woodburn
Glenn Woodburn - Lead Digital Modeler
Glenn graduated from Towson University with a BS degree in Industrial Design in 2004. Glenn interned at DDI during his senior year before joining DDI full-time. Glenn specializes in on-site laser scanning using our 3D imaging tools.
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Jessica Brodsky
Jessica Brodsky - Digital Modeler
Jessie interned at Direct Dimensions during her last year and a half of college. Upon graduating in August of 2008 with a BS in Digital Art and Design, she became a full time designer at DDI. Outside of work Jessie enjoys volunteering for many types of groups, as pictured to the left painting a house in New Orleans.
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Matt Haga
Matt Haga - Digital Modeler
Matt started with DDI at the tail end of 2010. He specializes in 3D industrial modeling and has extensive experience in 2D design. He has studied history, art, and architecture in Italy, Greece, and England and hopes to apply his experiences to his work. In his free time he enjoys almost anything related to art and creation, including; drawing, 2 and 3D graphics, playing music, writing, carpentry, and blacksmithing.

Joe Nicoli
Joe Nicoli - Heritage Scanning Specialist
Joe Nicoli graduated from Beloit College in 1996 with a Bachelor of Art Degree in Anthropology. Before joining Direct Dimensions in 2012, Joe worked all around the Southwestern United States on archaeological digs and preservation projects. In the last 12 years, he has laser scanned and mapped over 100 archaeological sites for The National Park Service and other clients.

Mike Agronin
Mike Agronin - Director of R&D
Mike is our product development expert. He has a unique breadth of experience to solve your project needs, including years with NASA, an industrial manufacturer, and Black & Decker. Mike earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, an MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas, and an MBA at Loyola University, Maryland. In his spare time, Mike teaches business and product development classes at Loyola and Johns Hopkins University.
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Dominic Albanese
Dominic Albanese - Manager of R&D
Dominic graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with BS degrees in Product Design and Innovation, Mechanical Engineering, and Electronic Art. Dominic joined DDI in 2005 working with reverse engineering, animations, and visualizations. And he climbs (a lot)!
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