Special Government-only Pricing on 3D Imaging Tools

Announcing Special End-of-Fiscal Promotions for Federal Purchases

With September 30th fast approaching, we are announcing a new sales promotion for military and federal government agencies only. This is a great opportunity for you to acquire new 3D imaging capabilities at significant discount.

As you know, many vendors are competing for your end-of-fiscal-year money, and this promotion stands out as an extraordinarily good value as you decide where to spend remaining budget.

We have negotiated with two of our product vendors to offer you special pricing on a great new 3D scanning system and fantastic new 3D point processing software. Plus we have other promotions so call us now!

Konica Minolta Range7 Rapidform XOR

The Range7 scanner from Konica Minolta offers...

  • Extreme accuracy and resolution
  • Best Scanner for reflective surfaces
  • Compact, lightweight, very portable

The new XO software suite from Rapidform offers...

  • The solution for parametric CAD (XOR)
  • Real-time 3D 'live' inspection (XOV)
  • Complete mesh & rapid Nurbs too! (XOR)

Remember - this is a one-time special promotion that ends on Sept. 30, 2008. This promotion is not being publicly announced. Please do not forward this onto others not within the federal government.

Contact Direct Dimensions today for details, demos, and quotations. We’re ready now to take your calls and emails. And see our website now for many more 3D scanning tools!

Act now to take advantage of these great promotions!

Remember - when it comes to 3D - we have all the tools you need!

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