ViALUX z-Snapper 3D Camera

Self-contained, plug & play, LED-based DLP projection 3D camera

Products - ViALUX z-Snapper 3D Camera

The Vialux z-Snapper 3D camera is based on DLP light projection technology, and combines unparalleled scanning speed with small packaging and very low power. The z-Snapper can easily be configured with multiple sensors to provide instantaneous scanning for complex shapes and/or integrated onto mechanical motion platforms, such as robot arms, for automated scanning operations and form scanning.

This unique 3D scanning sensor provides a ‘tool-kit’ philosophy for application-specific integration to a wide range of industrial problems.

Accuracy: 0.001"

Price Range: $25,000 to $50,000


  • Fast, 40 ms recording time
  • Up to 40 fps VGA 3D video recording mode
  • Can be operated in any desired position, even hand-held
  • Low voltage; the whole system may be battery powered