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Known for its unsurpassed accuracy, speed, and ease-of-use, the Surphaser is ideal for rapidly capturing as-built objects of mid-range size including cars, planes, military vehicles, boats, monuments, rooms, buildings, and even people! Applications include reverse engineering, quality control, historical preservation, architecture documentation, and forensic reconstruction.

The Surphaser line of scanners incorporates an adaptable user interface to capture specific data areas. And the software exports accurate 3D datasets with little noise to any major post processing software applications such as PolyWorks, Geomagic, Rapidform, Rhino3D, or others.

Surphaser products are deployed worldwide, delivering unparalleled precision and value in 3D scanning. And Direct Dimensions has performed many demonstration projects with this exciting new tool.

Accuracy: DDI tested at +/- .7mm(.0275") at +/- 1 sigma

Price Range: $95,000 (base) to $135,000 (with accessories)


  • 360 x 270 field of view, up to 800,000 points per second
  • Available in several ranges: short, medium, and long
  • Ideal for medium to large objects
  • Very portable, very fast, very accurate


Tens of major automotive/aeronautic OEMs and tier-one suppliers have chosen PolyWorks as their standard point cloud inspection and reverse-engineering tool for analyzing and modeling dies, sheet metal and plastic parts, castings, and assemblies.

PolyWorks smoothly integrates non-contact 3D digitizers and contact-based probing devices such as articulated arms, hand-held probing devices, photogrammetry-based devices, and laser trackers, thereby enabling hybrid metrology applications that combine point clouds and hard probing.

PolyWorks delivers optimum performances in terms of user operations, and allows the complete configuration of its user interfaces. Basic menus and toolbars dramatically reduce the initial learning curve. In addition, customers can quickly define their own visual layouts, including very simplified interfaces for their shop floor users and for corporate deployments.


  • Can process large point clouds up to 100 million points
  • Easily integrates with all standard digitizers and articulating arms
  • Includes Modeler and Inspector

Price Range: $12,000 to $30,000