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Konica Minolta Range7

The Konica Minolta RANGE 7 offers not only high performance but also excellent operating characteristics. It has a compact, light weight (approx. 6.7kg) design that is less than 1/2 the size and weight of previous models to provide high mobility at measurement locations. The RANGE 7 can take high-speed scans of approximately 2 seconds per shot and utilizes interchangeable lenses to provide a broad scan range.

In addition, it is equipped with a multi-focus mode driven by advanced focusing technology available only from Konica Minolta to enable high-quality measurements to be obtained with ease. In addition, the RANGE 7 features a 3D preview function to let users quickly predict what the measurement results will be like and a navigation function to guide users through the measurement process in the software.

Accuracy: 0.0015"


  • Two interchangeable lenses
  • Multi-focus mode able to obtain more accurate data
  • Ideal for medium to large objects

Price (Base): $80,000


Rapidform XOR/Redesign is the first software solution that allows users to go from 3D scan data to a fully parametric CAD model. While traditional 3D scan data processing software has focused solely on optimizing polygon mesh models or generating high quality NURBS surfaces from 3D scan data, the needs of those who require editable CAD solid/surface models from 3D scan data have been largely ignored.

With Rapidform XOS, you can now process raw 3D scan data into high quality meshes and NURBS surface models in just a few minutes. Automated wizard based tools step you through the optimization of point clouds or meshes from any 3D scanner. Once the scan data is optimized, you can export high quality meshes. Or you can use XOS's one button autosurfacing technology to make watertight NURBS surface models, which you can export as IGS or STP files.

Rapidform XOV/Verifier is the world's first software for Sys-tematic Inspection Processing using dense point cloud data. It is the only software of its kind that is built around the customer inspection process, with detailed planning and fast and easy execution of inspection process-ing. Built for accuracy and speed, if offers real time scan-to-CAD and scan-to-scan comparison and industry-proven geometric dimension & tolerance. It is the only point-cloud software with 100% repeatable inspection processing in the world.


  • Easily removes redundant overlapping points
  • 2D and 3D triangulation operations
  • Also available: RapidForm XOScan and XOV

Price Range: $10,000 to $30,000