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Direct Dimensions Now Offers Micro-CT Scanning Services

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A technology that allows you to see inside an object without opening or altering it in any way can be highly valuable. X-ray micro-tomographic CT, or “micro CT,” takes multiple x-ray “slices” through an object without any physical contact. Results from the microCT are a 3D point cloud, just like other surface scanning systems.

The key to CT scanning for 3D reconstruction is the software that re-creates the material boundaries for both external and internal features. Each CT slice is evaluated for the density of the materials and calculates a point along the edges. These edge points within all the 2D slices are then assembled in 3D based on the resolution of the slices to reconstruct the original part as a complete 3D object.

These new systems provide several attractive benefits. MicroCT systems provide a much higher resolution and accuracy than conventional hospital grade CT systems. Some of the new scanning systems are designed to be nearly desktop units that can be operated in an office or lab environment. Pricing for the units and scanning services is more affordable since the scanning is nearly automated.

Direct Dimensions is offering microCT scanning services through relationships with a number of highly capable firms located around the world. We have performed numerous scanning projects for inspection analysis and reverse engineering. The data sets from microCT are clean and accurate and work equally well with our regular point cloud processing software tools.

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-special thanks to Bahman Zoofan of Tomos Technologies